Wood & Müller Consulting and Visas provides services and solutions for visa applications and immigration at the global level. Applying for a visa is а complex and an unpredictable process. Our visa and immigration consultants at Wood & Müller Consulting and Visas understand the processes and applicable visa laws based on many years of experience working at foreign embassies. As a result, we offer a time-saving solution in determining the best visa option in accordance with our clients’ needs. Our team provides a wide range of services such as: facilitating access to visa information, preparing visa requirements for temporary or permanent stay as well as coordinated support for visa applications.

Our task

Professional conduct in applying for visas and permanent residence, providing allowance to visit, work and live in certain countries.

Our motto

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our principle

We want to be practical and provide a fast and efficient service.

Our Values


Capability for fulfilling client’s requirement.


More than two decades of progressively responsible experience in immigration matters and visa processing systems.


Using our expertise and knowledge we are able to provide advanced solutions for our clients.


One of our main tasks is to protect the interests of our clients, their data and privacy.

Service excellence

We strive to provide our clients with the ultimate experience in all aspects of cooperation.
Why Us

We try to ensure the most expedient solution to get a travel visa.


We are available by phone or email.


We maintain the protection of personal data.

Mr. Laszlo Fa is a founder and managing director of Wood & Müller Consulting and Visas which provides services and solutions for visa applications and immigration at the global level.

Mr. Fa worked for the Australian Department of Immigration and Department of Home Affairs for 24 years. He has extensive humanitarian assistance and emergency relief experience in humanitarian issues related to protection, program management, monitoring and evaluation. From 1994-1995 he served at the Australian Embassy in Budapest as a migration and visa officer and from 1995 until 2018 at the Australian Embassy in Vienna as a senior visa and migration officer. He has a wide range of migration expertise from Western and Eastern Europe. Mr. Fa graduated from the Vienna International University (Diplomatic and Strategic Studies), speaks fluent English, German, Hungarian and Serbian and has a basic knowledge of Slovakian, Czech and Russian.